rachel price
information architect

I am an information architect and a user researcher.
At dinner parties I explain that I am a kind of information diplomat. The motivation behind my work as an IA, a user researcher, and a sometimes-taxonomist is the desire to get everyone on the same page – customers, stakeholders, users, machines, whoever.

If I can do that, I am happy. What can I say? I’m a middle child.

What I Do

Information Architecture

The structure of information conveys just as much meaning as the content of information. While each situation calls for unique methods of documentation, I frequently design navigation models, information models, content models, and sitemaps in order to convey structure.

  • Navigation model

  • Information model

  • Content model

User Research

Every decision must be based on evidence of user needs. User research informs every other aspect of IA/UX, from the obvious (journey maps, personas), to the subtle (taxonomy structures and terms).

I design user research programs, moderate sessions, and analyze user research observations to find implications for taxonomy design, information architecture, and experience design.

User Experience Design

It’s important to define how users can interact with the information that we have so painstakingly structured. I model and document these interactions and experiences through customer journey maps, personas, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes.

  • Touchpoint workshop

  • Customer journey map

  • Wireframes

Speaking & Teaching

Designing & Building Taxonomies

taxonomy workshop presented in collaboration with Gary Carlson

IA Summit 2017

Conducting Generative User Research

in collaboration with Sarah Barrett

Guest lecturer, School of Visual Concepts (Seattle, WA)

Leveraging User Research for Taxonomy Design

in collaboration with Sarah Barrett

Taxonomy Boot Camp 2016

Users Are People, Too

a brief introduction to user research

Guest lecturer, University of Washington iSchool

Taking Your MLIS to the Streets

translating your MLIS to a career in IA

Guest presenter, Special Libraries Association UW Chapter

Lure me out of reclusivity

If you’d like to get in touch, find me on LinkedIn. Let’s talk shop. Better yet, let’s talk about chicken fried steak. I’ve been in Seattle for five years and haven’t given up hope yet. It’s out there somewhere.